Brown Nubuck Lace-up, Anti-Pierce Safety Boots – S173535


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  • Indestructible footwear: meet CNS 6863 & CNS 20345 in Taiwan (R.O.C) with SB level. 
  • 【SEAM-SEALED】: The seam-sealed tongue resists sand and rust, and fits your feet.
  • 【ANTI-PEIRCE】: The penetration resistant insert made of bullet-proof fabric avoids being stabbed by sharp objects and weighs 25% lighter than a steel plate.
  • 【ENERGY ABSORPTION】: The heel energy absorption of the seat region with E level > 20J (=Joule). Bring feet more protection.
  • 【ANTI-SMASH & ANTI-CRUSH】: Impact resistance of steel toecap >200J (=Joules) and compression pressure>15KN (=15,000 Newton). Designed to prevent toes from injuries by falling heavy stuff and to be anti-squash.
  • 【SRA SLIP, OIL, HEAT, ACIDS, HYDROLYSIS, ABRASION RESISTANCE & ELECTRICS INSULATION】: The outsole with SRA level is non-slip on a ceramic tile with bubbles or foam. Resistance with FO level to fuel oil and resistance with HRO level to the heat of 300℃. Stood the test of pH value, it resists acid and alkaline. Stood the test of hydrolysis, no any substance produced while reacting with water. Made of rubber, heavy-duty, durable, flexible and electricity insulation which protects the wearer against electrical shocks by preventing dangerous current from flowing through the body via the feet.
  • 【ACID RESISTANCE & NON-CHROMIUM VI】: The leather stood the test of pH value, so it resists acid and alkaline. Prevent chromium VI from genetic defect and harm to human body.
  • 【MOISTURE WICKING & DURABLE】: The breathable and durable leather uppers, lining and comfortable support insock made of leather and latex can manage sweat and moisture for great comfort and reducing leg fatigue.
  • 【STRONG ADHESION】: Prevent the toecap from being come off from the outsole and become a gaping hole.
  • 【WIDE WIDTH】: Make wearers feel cozier in our safety footwear. Protect toes and feet from being rubbed and too tight.
  • 【RUSTIC & RUSTPROOF DESIGN】: Rust-proof, weather-proof, and acid and alkaline resistance of rustic metal hexagon eyelets.



  1. The requirements of CNS 20345 in Taiwan (R.O.C) for safety footwear were laid down based on EN ISO 20345.
  2. The leather gets stained easily. Spraying waterproofing on it before wearing is recommended.
  3. All our safety boots are made of genuine leather. The color of each batch of leather will be slightly different.
  4. Go well with the handmade 7-eyelet leather zipper lace for easy on/off.

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