Corporate Commitment

Safety & Reliability


A young man, named Sonic, committed himself into a conventional footwear industry in his hometown. Sonic led a group of local people into safety shoes manufacturing and insisted them all designed and made in Taiwan. In 2010, he created a whole new brand – Soletec.


Soletec makes and sells shoes itself to check the good quality of shoes and to offer the reasonable price to its customers as well. In addition, Soletec actively puts the prospect of safety and reliability into practice. As far as Soletec concerned, safety shoes are a matter of labor’s safety; therefore, they are all up to the national standards. Furthermore, Soletec insured all its shoes for $ 33 million against accidental damage as its part of responsibility to guarantee customers.


Soletec also insists to manufacture working shoes from genuine leather and puts emphasis on the design of safety and comfort. All safety footwear made by Soletec has already met the requirements of CNS20345 and Class H of CNS6863 in Taiwan (R.O.C).


Corporate Social Responsibility


Soletec has been disseminating the awareness of labor safety to the public. In the meantime, Soletec also show its care to the public by joining the public welfare.


Good Footwear for Work


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step. Big achievements come from an accumulation of little accomplishments made one by one. We all have dreams. Therefore, we all need good, comfortable shoes to pursue our dreams and make them come true. Only good, comfortable shoes allow us to walk long and reach our destinations.


With the innovative belief, Soletec provides customers with the well-designed and best qualified footwear. Soletec ensures the safety and comfort you will feel while wearing them for work.