Inspection of Safety Footwear

Requirements in Taiwan about The Inspection of Safety Footwear


The requirements were brought up by BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A, Tawain (R.O.C)) while Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute is the authorized inspection unit.


The requirements of CNS 20345 Personal protective equipment – Safety footwear & CNS 20346 Personal protective equipment – Protective footwear began in 2018.


Main Inspection List Based on Requirements of CNS 20345 Personal Protective Equipment – Safety Footwear


  • Toe protection (for the toe region) – impact resistance and compression resistance. It is meant to prevent toes from injuries by falling heavy stuff and to be anti-squash. The toecap shall not develop any cracks which go through the material, i.e. through which light can be seen.


  • Slip resistance – footwear resistant to slip on a ceramic tile floor with NaLS and on a steel floor with glycerine. It is meant to be non-slip on a ceramic tile with bubbles or foam and on a steel floor with oil.


  • Abrasion resistance of the outsole – how long will the outsole be worn?


  • Metallic content in leather – the test for Chromium VI content and pH value


  • Water vapor permeability and coefficient – do the sole and leather permeate?


Other details referred to the report of CNS 20345 by BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A, Tawain (R.O.C))


Additional Requirements of CNS20345 in Taiwan (R.O.C) for Safety Footwear:


  • Penetration resistance – are the safety shoes anti- pierce and anti-puncture?


  • Electrical insulating footwear and anti-static footwear – are the safety shoes insulated against electricity and static resistant?


  • Heat and cold insulation of sole complex – how hot and cold are the safety shoes insulated against?


  • Energy absorption of seat region – the wearer can stand longer in the better energy absorption of the safety shoes.


  • Water resistance – do the safety shoes anti-water?


Requirements for Safety Footwear in Other Countries


The requirements for safety footwear may differ from country to country. However, the requirements of CNS20345 in Taiwan (R.O.C) for safety footwear were laid down based on EN ISO 20345. Furthermore, the qualified certification of safety footwear in Taiwan (R.O.C) is awarded after the safety footwear passes the test conducted by the recognized, legal inspection unit.


In EU – EN 20345

In USA – ASTM F2412-05

In Canada – CSA Z195-02

In Japan – JIS